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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kansas City Jazz Guitarist Brian Baggett

Welcome to a Neon Jazz interview one of the finest jazz guitarists in Kansas City ..  Brian Baggett – During our candid interview, he talked about his roots in Kansas, his essence for playing music, a new book he just published, his live gigs, teaching and much more. 

 I have known Brian Baggett for many years.  His method book, “Keys To Unlocking The Fretboard provides guitarists with a step-by-step pedagogical approach to jazz improvisation and technique. This book is for all aspiring jazz guitarists young and old.  I can personally say that his teaching methods are truly effective as by witnessing my own son’s development.  It is a truly amazing book and a must have for all music educators.


Dr. Craig Treinen Assistant Professor

of Jazz Studies at
Washburn University